Generate Electricity: 

Solar Photovoltaic works by utilizing energy from the sun to generate electricity, they can still generate some electricity on a cloudy day! All you need is daylight to generate power through the use of photovoltaic cells within roof mounted collectors (modules). The collectors are simple to install in an on roof, in roof and flat roof arrangement, both landscape and portrait.

Electricity requirements vary depending on the size of your house and how energy-efficient the building and appliances are. A Solar Photovoltaic system will supply some or all of your power rather than mains electricity, this means you will be able to reduce your electricity bills.

The electricity produced can be used to run any appliance powered by electricity. The solar panels create DC electricity and an inverter will convert this to AC electricity that can be used as power. A 3kWp system (12 panels) should produce 1693kW/hrs of electricity per year, to put this into perspective, the average household usage is 10kW/hrs per day.

Get Cash Back! :

Through the government backed Feed-in Tariff Scheme you will earn money for producing energy regardless of whether you use it or not. Feed-in Tariffs guarantee tax free payments for 20 years and are index linked to RPI (Retail Price Index).This free, green electricity feeds directly into your home, which means you will benefit from lower electricity bills, they also require little maintenance.

Solar PV Feed-in Tariffs are available to anyone wishing to generate their own electricity, including home owners, public sector bodies, charities and businesses. Anyone producing up to 5 megawatts of electricity will qualify, with most installations being under this limit. The return on investment is approximately 10% depending on the orientation and size of your roof.

Please note you must use an MCS-accredited installer such as A J Taylor Renewables in order to qualify for the Feed-in Tariff.

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To be eligiable to receive any kind of Government payment (Feed-In-Tarrif) you need to ensure that you use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Provider.
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