Are PV panels suitable for my home?
Most homes are suitable, if you have a S/SE/SW facing roof space, then probably.
Your internal electrical setup will need to be checked for compatibility and this can be done through our Free Home survey quote service.

How much will PV generate?
A PV system would generate approximately 750 kWh/year per kW installed. So our basic 1kW system would generate around 750 kWh per year, and a 5kW system will produce around 4500 kWh.
Installing PV solar is great way of 'future proofing' your home.

How much will my PV system cost?
The cost of a solar electric system depends on several factors but is usually based on system sizes.

Will it supply all my electricity?
The average household consumption is 3000 kWh per year. Thus on average, our smallest 1kW system could supply nearly 25% of your electricity over the course of the year, depending on your consumption rates it may be possible to do more, by carefully reducing your energy use.

What does 'grid connected' mean?
The generated electricity, which will obviously vary according to the level of sunlight, means the excess energy produced will be directed out to the National Grid, and you will be credited accordingly.

In this way the deficit between generation and demand can simply be purchased from your electricity supplier as normal.

Do I need planning permission?
No planning permission is need, unless you live in a listed building or conservation area.

How much roof space do I need?
The system does take a lot of roof space, but (photovoltaic) pv solar can be installed within your garden area using ‘A’ frames, facing south, if roof space is a problem.

The 3 main types of PV cells, which is best?
Monocrystalline: made from thin slices cut from a single crystal of silicon.
Polycrystalline: made from thin slices cut from a block of silicon crystals.
Thin Film: made from a very thin layer of semiconductor atoms deposited on a glass or metal base.

I heard PV solar panels are expensive?
With generous feed in tariffs available, the increase in your house price after installation and relief from energy prices, investment in such a system has now become a real option for homes across the UK.

Do solar panels work on cloudy days?
This depends on the type of solar panel and the density of the cloud.
In moderate cloud density solar energy can still be collected and used.

Can I sell my surplus energy?
Yes,  feed in tariffs (Clean Energy Cash back Scheme) will credited and reward you.
The scheme is time sensitive designed to reward the earlier takers with bigger feed in tariff rewards.

Will installation have a large impact on my home?
Once the solar panels are installed on the roof, the inside components do not take up much space inside.
Installations usually can be done within 1-2 days, with installers being considerate, clean and tidy.

What size solar panel system will I need?
This depends on your energy consumption rate. You can find this out by looking at your electricity bill and finding your annual KW consumption.

Do you send salesmen round to my house?
Many solar companies claim to send surveyors to your home, but really they are only salesmen. We properly survey your home and provide you with a tailored quotation based on your individual homes specifications.

Our trained technicians are just that, technicians. The complexity of making sure homes are suitable require experience.
Our technicians however, will be happy to site with you and explain the technologies to you.

What makes your panels better than your competitors?
We know our solar panels are the best because they have been shown to out perform any of our competitors products.
Full European Solar Keymark Accreditation.

How long does a PV solar system last?
With good quality PV system, it will easily last 30 - years and it has recently been proved that PV solar installed in the 1960's is still working.

20 years warranty applies on our PV panels.

Reasons why you should choose to install solar panels to your home with AJ Taylor Renewables.
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • No sub contractors, all full time
  • Insurance backed guarantee
  • Competitive prices
  • Over 30 years experience in UK
  • Leading Southcoast Installer
  • Earn money from what you generate
  • Save money on what you use

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To be eligiable to receive any kind of Government payment (Feed-In-Tarrif) you need to ensure that you use a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Provider.
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